Air Brush Makeup by Belloccio



I have been wanting to try air brush makeup for some time now. I felt a little overwhelmed because of all the different options out there. I had been pricing all the different machines and researching all the different brands. I wanted something professional enough to work on people and something that would give me the most for my money. I found it!

 A relative of mine started working with Belloccio a few years ago. She is very up on trends in the cosmetic and skin care business, so I trusted that her partnering with the company meant it was well worth the price and performed above other similar products on the market. Before I started following my dream of becoming a professional makeup artist/ skin care specialist, I had considered making the purchase for personal use. I just couldn’t afford it! Recently my finances had changed a bit and looked at spending the money as an investment for my personal business. I was planning on talking to her about the machine and all the ins and outs of airbrush. At a family BBQ over Memorial Day weekend I announced to my family about my plans of going back to school for esthetics. Of course, my family was extremely supportive and really gave me a boost of confidence that I am making the right choice! I was then presented with a Belloccio airbrush machine in support of my goal! I was so amazed by the gift!

 So the first thing I did when I got home was unwrap all the gear and tried it out! I was pretty amazed at how easy it was! I checked out their website and found that they have tons of videos showing you how to use the system. I think this is great because I YouTube just about everything, I’m a visual learner! I set everything up, plugged it in and started airbrushing! It’s that easy!


The great things about Belloccio:

Three speed settings which are great if your in a hurry, the lower setting works well for around the eye area.

Large range of color foundations

Blush and sunless tanner samples are included (I tried the tanner the first night and really liked the natural looking tan)


Costs less than competitors

Easy to clean and operate

and it comes with a cute storage bag!


If you would like a more detailed review check out Airbrush makeup salon here.

If your looking to invest in an Airbrush system of your own, Go with Belloccio!!


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